Important Qualities Women Look For In Men

Wouldn’t it be nice if we know what women want in a man? There were numerous polls asking women what qualities they are looking for and we get all sorts of answers like kindness, respect, loyalty, attentive, honesty, etc. etc. It’s hard being a perfect guy having all those; but a few qualities that have great impact are the following. See if you have them.

Strong sense of self

You demonstrate confidence and comfort in your body and your abilities. You know what you want, you set goals and achieve them. You define yourself rather than let your environment define you. Though you’re not better than everyone around you, you have an attitude of being better.

Admits mistakes and learns from them

No one likes being blamed and not everything that goes wrong is really your fault. Sometimes things just don’t work out. But it’s nice if you can take responsibility, get over it, and learn from it instead of being defensive.

Admitting mistakes is not a sign of weakness. It shows humility. It shows that you are more concerned on others than your reputation.

Stands up for what he believes in but considers others’ opinions

Though people always knock you down, you should always get back up. You listen to others but don’t let their opinions put you down.

People say you can’t do it because they believe they can’t do it; but if you have confidence in your abilities, you know you can make a difference.

“Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.” – anonymous

Doesn’t feel the need to impress others

Though you are good or successful at something, you don’t worry about people not recognizing it. You don’t need their praises and compliments to fuel you. You keep doing what you’re good at.

You don’t feel the need to spend on flashy cars or expensive cellphones. As long as what you have can take care of the basics efficiently, they are good enough.

Knows how to listen and truly care

You show that you are interested in her. You show sympathy when she is in grief and you are attentive to her needs. You don’t interrupt when she talks.

You retain information she gives you; and you use that information to make her feel closer to you, at the same time know her better.

Can tell a joke

You can never dislike someone who can make you laugh. Humor shows her that you are witty and intelligent.

You know when to get serious and when to get goofy. You know how to cheer her up and make her laugh without making yourself look like a fool.  You are no clown, but you know the right words that will put a smile on her face. You are aware of some jokes that offend her.


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